About Us

MIINC, L.P. is a trusted Texas mechanical contractor, providing HVAC, plumbing, and process piping service to the commercial and industrial market segment.

Our History

MIINC (Mechanical Interiors, Inc.) was originally formed in 1984 as a start-up company specializing in mechanical construction for interior finish-out projects. The company grew in size and expertise ($42 million) and sold to NYSE listed company in 1998. Under the leadership of Bill O’Dwyer as president, the company continued to grow and revenues exceeded $75 million by 2002. Following liquidation of the NYSE Holding Company, O’Dwyer and other key original leadership of MIINC and other investors reformed the company in 2004 as a privately held Texas Limited Partnership.

The strategy was simple: maintain the culture and reputation MIINC has cultivated since 1984. The current MIINC executive management team of Bill O’Dwyer, Randy Bradshaw, Dennis Cowen, and three other limited partners have over 200 years combined experience in the mechanical contracting industry. Today, MIINC, L.P. continues to maintain an excellent reputation among clients, and the company has consistently performed well above expectations in a very competitive market.

Our Values

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading provider of mechanical system solutions in Texas and surrounding states.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality systems and services while honoring God, which result in the success of MIINC L.P. and our employees.

Our Personality

The Founder’s Room

The Founder’s Room was created by the MIINC owners as a place for our customers and vendors to sit back and relax after a long day. The team at MIINC L.P. utilizes this room for clients, and the owners encourage vendors to bring in their clients as well. From sports memorabilia to family history, the Founder’s Room has a unique and inviting atmosphere. It’s a comfortable place to work on upcoming projects, or even just watch TV and hang out.

The Music Room

The MIINC L.P. Music Room is a creative space for employees to come and exercise their passion for music during the workday. It’s part of the company’s dedication to fostering a culture of overall health and wellness.