Paris Junior College
The Paris Junior College Academic Building is located in Greenville, Texas. Currently PJC utilizes the local school districts facilities to hold classes for the remote students. The first building is one of five that is planned for construction. The first building will include a bookstore, classrooms and science labs.

The Academic Building is a two story building that is approximately 40,000 square feet. MIINC, a leading education contractor in Texas, is contracted to install the HVAC and plumbing systems. The HVAC system consists of roof mounted air handlers with chilled and heating water coils for conditioning of the space. Each classroom is equipped with it’s own fan powered terminal unit with heating water to modulate temperatures in each space. The chilled water is generated by a 155 ton air cooled chiller and is circulated throughout the building to each of the four air handlers. Heating water is produced with two 1,000,000 btuh boilers and circulated to each air handler and 38 fan powered terminal units.