Food & Beverage

Newly Wed Foods
Newly Weds Foods, Inc. has long been a world leader in the production of food coatings, seasonings and functional ingredients for the food processing and foodservice industries. Worldwide operations currently consists of 16 North American plants and 8 international production facilities including China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Holland and the Philippines plus a well-established network of international partners. This enables Newly Weds Foods to provide insight, responsiveness and product sourcing on a global scope as well as an international perspective on markets, customers and trends. The facility located in Mt. Pleasant Texas specializes in the preparation of seasonings and breaded coatings for prepared foods. MIINC, a leading Texas food & beverage contractor, partnered with Harrison Walker and Harper for the construction of the 211,000 square feet facility.

The building incorporates office, research and development, process and warehouse spaces. MIINC was contracted for the installation of the plumbing and HVAC systems. The plumbing portion of the project was more complex than the typical commercial installation in that there were systems designed for production. These systems include steam, chilled water, cold and hot water systems, high pressure wash, air, natural gas and a series of stainless steel trench drains. The HVAC system was separated in two parts, one was the office area and the other was the production/warehouse area. The office area is heated and cooled with packaged roof mounted units. Ventilations systems for the research and development areas were installed to facilitate the testing of new food products. The HVAC system in the production and warehouse are is consist of multiple supply and exhaust fans designed to keep a positive air pressure inside the building to ensure and contaminates and insects are not introduced.

One of the most interesting features in the production area is the Staling Room. This is where bread cooked in large loaves are brought in to make stale to make bread crumbs. A 45 ton roof mounted unit was installed to maintain a low relative humidity as well as maintain a set temperature. This unit actually dries the warm moist bread as part of the production process. The overall schedule of this project was twelve months and made successful with the coordination of all of the trades as well as the architect and engineers.