Oil and Gas

Schlumberger – Shreveport, Louisiana, Bulk Cement Plant
MIINC, L.P. was called on to construct the process side of this plant for a configuration first in the 2009 Schlumberger Bulk Cement project in Shreveport. Working from the concepts forwarded by Schlumberger the project helped to establish a design for multiple facilities.
Halliburton: Odessa, Texas, Bulk Cement Plant
When constructed in 2009 this facility was the largest producing bulk cement plant in the United States. MIINC, L.P., a leading oil and gas contractor Texas-wide, completed the 3D model and constructed the process piping side of this project.
Shintech Plastics Wastewater Treatment Facility – Plaquemine, LA
Kurita of America contracted MIINC, L.P. to model and construct the process piping and pipe support system for Shintech’s Phase II Wastewater Treatment Facility. This multi-system process piping project included erection of catwalks and structural bridge supports to integrate the process piping, process controls and electrical needs of this critical facility.