Project Description

Bulk Cement Plant – Various Projects

Schlumberger Bulk Cement Plant – Shreveport, La

MIINC, L.P. was called on to construct the process side of this plant for a configuration first in the 2009 Schlumberger Bulk Cement project in Shreveport. Working from the concepts forwarded by Schlumberger the project helped to establish a design for multiple facilities.

Halliburton Bulk Cement Plant – Odessa, TX

When constructed in 2009 this facility was the largest producing bulk cement plant in the United States. MIINC, L.P., a leading oil and gas contractor Texas-wide, completed the 3D model and constructed the process piping side of this project.

Halliburton: Bulk Cement Plant Modifications – Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

MIINC International, Was selected to repipe and automate one of Halliburton’s existing bulk cement plants in Algeria.

Halliburton Bulk Cement Plant – Basra, Iraq

This project was modeled and prefabricated in MIINC, L.P.’s Dallas Texas facility. It was then containerized and shipped from the Houston ship channel to the port at Basra Iraq. The prefabrication and planning resulted in a record setting site installation of a Bulk Cement Plant for Halliburton.

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