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Your commercial and industrial projects made easy.
From installation to full maintenance, the expert team at MIINC does it all.

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Whether your project is renovation or new construction,
Trust MIINC to provide quality work, value and timely project completion .

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Your commercial and industrial projects made easy.
From installation to full maintenance, the expert team at MIINC does it all.


Your commercial & industrial partner.
From installation to full maintenance,
the expert team at MIINC does it all.


Whether your project is
renovation or new construction,
Trust MIINC to provide quality work,
value and timely project completion.

Need An Expert Mechanical Partner For Your Project Or Business?

Let Us Help

We Strive To Maintain The Highest Standards In Providing HVAC & Plumbing Mechanical System Solutions To Our Customers.


Dallas mechanical contractor MIINC L.P. has the in-house expertise to handle the toughest commercial work in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our portfolio ranges from replacing antiquated equipment such as chillers and boilers to performing the entire Division 15 mechanical scope on high-rise buildings.

We’re with you every step of the way, from drawings to completion.
Our dedicated project managers, superintendents, and project executives help determine the needs and requirements of every client, overseeing communication with all of the project’s key players, from the general contractor to our own subcontractors to ensure that each and every detail is accounted for and delivered.

We understand that we represent you, your company and your brand while construction is taking place on your property. Our field workers and supervisors are trained to protect and respect the public and the customer’s image during the construction process. We take pride in providing outstanding performance and professional demeanor while working in occupied facilities.

Whether it is new construction or rehabilitation work, trust MIINC to provide quality work, value for your budget and a timely project completion.

Commercial Capabilities

  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing installation
  • Piping and hydronic systems
  • Steam piping
  • Refrigeration
  • Medical gas
  • Temperature controls
  • Certified test and balance
  • Energy solutions
  • Start-up & systems commissioning
  • 24-hour service capability

We believe that a proactive, forward-thinking approach to the design and purchase of major equipment for projects is essential. That’s why our expert pre-construction and design staff assist in the final layout and design of each project, and then relay the design to field personnel to ensure accurate and on-time construction. The MIINC team uses their construction experience, design expertise and problem solving skills to successfully navigate and work through unforeseen challenges, keeping projects on schedule and reducing the overall cost.

Our responsibility starts when we are chosen as part of a construction team and continues well past the completion of the project. Whether you’re looking for a plan or spec installation, or a total design build package, we have the personnel to handle your needs. From the general contractor to the architect, engineer or vendor, MIINC has built relationships through the years that enable us to provide end-users with the right system to meet their needs. Although the end result of a working mechanical system is of the utmost importance, we believe the relationships that are built along the way are equally valuable.


The premier provider of Dallas-Fort Worth industrial mechanical systems, MIINC L.P. provides expertise in complex industrial projects heavy in process-related systems and offers a broad spectrum of experience in complex industrial facilities.

Today’s industrial facility construction environment demands innovative solutions, and operational efficiency which is more important than ever. MIINC combines 3-D BIM Modeling with years of experience in the industrial industry to continually, successfully design, fabricate and construct these complex projects on time and under budget. We strive to ensure a productive, accident-free work environment in-line with our clients’ safety compliance programs, and all of our welders are UA Certified.

Retrofits are required for aging building systems to manage changing energy code issues. Companies need to consider not only base construction costs, but also how ongoing energy, operations and maintenance costs are affected. From project design through final delivery, we match safety-certified, experienced professionals to your specific job requirements.


  • Piping and hydronic systems
  • Steam piping
  • Refrigeration
  • Process piping fabrication & installation
  • Central utility distribution systems
  • Equipment installation
  • Orbital welded piping installation
  • High purity installation
  • Pharmaceutical piping
  • Design build / assist

MIINC is proud to have long-standing relationships with several industrial clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, as well as nationally. Because much of the work we perform for our industrial clients is proprietary in nature, we are unable to show specific project work for many of these valued customers.

MIINC guaranteed customer care plan helps our clients know when team members will be out, when we have arrived on a job site and when our work is completed. We also include a follow-up call to check on our performance.

  • HVAC
  • Emergency Service 24-hours/7 days
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Filter Service
  • Preventative Maintenance PM
  • Full Coverage, parts and labor
  • On site Operations and Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Testing, Air Distribution, Cleaning
  • Retrofit/Change-outs
  • Commissioning
  • HVAC Construction Integration
  • Repair and Replacement
  • Maintenance Programs
  •  Plumbing
  •  TV/Video Pipe Inspections/Smoke Tests
  •  Hydro-jet Cleaning Services
  •  Med-Gas
  •  Backflow Device Testing and Certification
  •  Drain Cleaning
  •  Process Piping
  •  Energy Services
  •  CEM and Leed Certified
  •  Energy Audits
  •  Energy Management Systems EMS
  •  Smoke Testing
  •  Building Automation Systems BAS
  •  Refrigeration


Our facility gives us great mobility for prefabrication and equipment handling and our fabrication efforts are ongoing in our freestanding pre-fabrication shop just to the south of our primary building. The shop is complete with several overhead crane services allowing pipe fabrications to move from the exterior pass through, to our automated cutting table with good flow on to the production weld lines where we have newly updated multifunction welding stations operated by certified welders that can cover most any facet of piping or structural fabrications. Our certified welders work directly with our in-house certified welding inspector. We have welding procedure specifications and qualification records for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, with wall thickness’s ranging from sch 5 though schedule 160. We have been elevated to a status of receiving the United Association’s authority to prefabricate for the entire US and Canada with attachment of the UA “bug” or credentialing sticker that validates our prefabrications are being built by qualified and skilled UA personnel.

We pre-fabricate systems including: pump hook-ups, coil hook-ups, Central Utility Plants, skid prefabrications to client specifications, & up to 100% prefabrication of commercial and industrial projects to minimize the installation process which increases our efficiency.  We are capable of most any level of prefabrication from light commercial tasks to heavy industrial projects.

Our plumbing prefabrication space allows excellent opportunities for header building and securing for straight -to- job delivery and placement.  We have the ability to pre-fabricate both waste and water systems as the specific projects require.

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Small and Large Bore Pipe & Structural Fabrication
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous alloys
  • Any Wall Thickness
  • Certified Welders
  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI / AWS-QC 1)
  • Newly Updated Multifunction Welding Machines
  • Welding Positioners / Rollers
  • Automated Pipe Cutting (Oxy-Acet or Plasma)
  • 5×10 Automated Plasma Table
  • 65 Ton Hydraulic Iron Worker
  • Multiple Overhead Cranes.
  • Roll and Cut Groove Fabrications
  • Pro-Press Fabrication Assemblies

High Purity Fabrication Capabilities

MIINC Mechanical’s corporate office houses a production cleanroom to accommodate the fabrication of high purity and ultra-high purity systems and components.  This location utilizes HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and laminar air flow to maintain air qualities as low as Class 100.  This production area

contains an ultra-pure / DI water supply system and bulk UHP inert gas delivery system.

All HP & UHP stainless systems are purged using electronics grade argon (certified @ 99.999% purity) fed through GateKeeper purifier systems via stainless steel tubing to the source for all cutting, facing, & welding operations.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I would like to take a minute to thank MIINC Mechanical for the support that I have received, as well as the pleasure of working with on the Bank of America Infrastructure Project. As a new project manager to Constructors & Associates, and not having any prior working experience with subcontractors in the Dallas area, I just want to say THANK YOU for the support and outstanding workmanship I have seen here. Your crews have been easy to work with and know how to get it done ”

Jeffrey G. Meents - MEP Project Manager, Constructors & Associates Inc

“This project demanded the best from every contractor involved. Unique and unexpected challenges were presented to the team throughout. On any project there are subcontractors that perform well and some who perform better than others. MIINC proved, by it’s responses to these challenges, it was a true leader of the project team.”

Steve Gosling - Sr. Project Manager, Constructors & Associates, Inc.

“MIINC strong management team was the foundation of its success, though we would be remiss if we did not give sufficient credit to those who worked and sweated in the field– putting in incredible hours to install the work. The latter was performed with no loss-time injuries. This alone deserves accolades! But back to the staff, they were integral to our team and essential to our success, providing leadership, information and insight when needed.”

MIINC Client - Project Manager

We Build Lasting Relationships. We Are Proud To Partner With The Best.

The Right People With Right Solutions Deliver The Right Results.

Your HVAC and commercial plumbing projects made easy.